How to Keep Your Hard Surface Flooring Looking Great

  • Get quality walk-off mats.   The best way to remove dirt is to stop it from entering.   Up to 98% of soil can be captured with a properly sized foot mat positioned by an entrance.   These strategically placed walk-off mats will add years to the life of your flooring.

  • Sweep or Vacuum your floor.   When most people think of hard surface floor cleaning, they think mops.   But vacuuming is just—if not more—essential.   Mops may not fully remove soil and sand, but a vacuum will.   This is important because these elements can cause real damage if they get scraped across the floor or ground into your floor’s finish.   You also need to be sure to vacuum your walk-in mats.

  • Dry and wet mop.  On floors that get a lot of sunlight, dust can really be noticeable.   After vacuuming, use a micro-fiber dry mop to remove excess dust from your floor.   Then use a light misting of a neutral cleaner to remove any caked-on dirt.

  • Don’t let water or spills linger.  While one of the benefits of hard surface flooring is its ability to withstand moisture, to prevent stains or damage, you still want to remove any standing liquid as soon as possible.

  • Use pads and protectors.   Other ways to avoid scratching your floors include using protectors on the bottom of all furniture pieces and using pads whenever you’re moving furniture or other large/heavy items across the floor.